Signature Back Office Solutions is comprised of Signature Staff Resources, LLC and Signature Insurance & Financial Services, LLC.

Signature Insurance & Financial Services, LLC is our independent insurance agency providing all commercial and individual insurance needs.

Signature Back Office Solutions offers a unique, comprehensive full suite of services tailored to fit your business. From marketing, through payroll and funding and into insurance, Signature is your complete provider of Back Office Solutions.


One of the key success factors for any staffing service is properly handling risk management / insurance issues. As an insurance provider, we are able to provide responsible and knowledgeable advice regarding risk management.

We are NOT a franchiser -- the franchise business model, while quite appropriate for many retailing and services businesses such as chain and fast-food restaurants, is quite different than the staffing services business model. And the franchiser is insulated from much of the business risk since they just collect their revenues from your revenues. Our cost structure is NOT based upon your revenues!

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